NORTH SHORE SUPERIOR PEST MANAGEMENT: Proudly Serving the Arrowhead of Minnesota

Celebrating over 40 years of service in Minnesota Pest Elimination and combining experience and Environmentally conscious methods, the staff at NSSPM strives to solve problems using Green technology and practices. Learn more about our company on the following pages. With a wide range of services to choose from, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for! If you require assistance, our qualified staff will provide you with expert guidance.

We specialize in the treatment of Carpenter Ants, Cluster Flies, Deer Ticks, Spiders and Mice but also treat a wide host of other pests on a daily basis. Just ask us when you call.

Where We Start

WELCOME to our site... The first step in solving a pest problem is determining what the pest is and finding it's source. If you have a challenging pest problem and need an experienced hand in solving it, then we are as close as your phone. Call us today for a phone consultation or estimate. In most cases we can provide a quote on the phone but should we need to come out and take a look, there is no charge.

Our Philosophy "Leave a GREEN footprint"

Our approach to Pest Management is to follow strict IPM guidelines in all of our practices and to be as surgical in our treatment as we can be. In other words, use natural means, repellants, sealup, and habitat adjustment before we use pesticides. When we need to use pesticides, we use the most environmentally conscious products available. To be safe and effective in our treatments and respectful of this wonderful habitat and environment we enjoy. 

When we treat a problem we want the treatment to be appropriate in degree and span. We don't want to undertreat but we don't want to overtreat either.


If you are a current customer or have called in this winter, you will be hearing from us in the Spring.. If you are just joining us or viewing this webpage for the first time, WELCOME.. We hope you find your journey through our pages informative and that you learn something in the process.