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Pest Control Recertification is set for March of 2023, hosted by the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Our staff will participate in the on line recertification process which includes speakers  and experts in a varity of topics. We will also attend a Pest ID workship. 


Schedule of Service programs for this year

Carpenter Ant treatments to begin in May of 2023


and ..


Cluster Fly applications to begin on August 1, 2023




No Seeum Service was a resounding success and will be done again this year. Servcie will be on screens and application will be done in May and early June. 

Customers will need to pull screens and stack them outside for us to apply the repellant. 





Starting in May of 2023 NSSPM will be providing a servcie for cabin site trees to protect White Spruce and Balsam Fir from the Eastern Spruce Budworm. 

This pest is just coming into Cook County and is already heavily infesting Lake and St. Louis Counties. IMPORTANT.. Application is only in May so it is important to call ahead to see if we can add you to the list. Don't wait until the last minute as we might have our routes full by then.

We will be providing this service for Eastern St Louis, Lake and Cook Counties.

Call us if you have questions.


Mice population is surging this year

It is evident that the warmer winter and lots of snow cover is being kind to the mice and we will be blessed with an abundance of them this spring.  Our solution to this is to increase the control measures by increasing our bait quantiy and also adding a servcie to the yearly scheudule so we have plenty of bait and its fresh.  


Continuing our NO SEEUM service

We had great success with our No Seeum service in 2022. The application seemed to work well. This is a one time application each year in Spring. Our customers bring the window screens out ahead of time and we spray them. Once dry they put them back in place. 



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